Our Services

Evaluation and impact assessments
At REMOEVA we view monitoring and evaluation as crucial for the demonstration of progress that organisations are making. Good practice of monitoring and evaluation forms the basis of assessing the impact and quality of your organisation’s work.
We are specialists in developing organizational evaluation plans, conducting formative, process, impact and outcome (summative) evaluations. This we do in support of:

Development or review of organizational monitoring and evaluation systems and frameworks

Evaluations of annual and multi-year strategic plans.

Evaluations and impact assessments of programmes and interventions.

Evaluation of Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programmes.

At REMOEVA we recognise the increasing need to ensure that public and non-governmental sector interventions and policies deliver value to communities and we assist the public sector and non-governmental organisations to demonstrate how they are making a difference to communities.

Integrated Reports.

Development of Integrated Reports for accountability on financial and non-financial performance


Development and implementation of Performance Monitoring Frameworks, Indicators and Plans


Conducting and making recommendations on data quality audits and assessments

Results Chains.

Development of programme results chains and frameworks

Theory of Change.

Developing Theory of Change Models that improve programme performance and monitoring

Monitoring Processes.

Capacity building for performance monitoring processes



Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs) to support programme implementation and AOPO processes


Support for Audit of Pre-determined Objectives (AOPO) processes and elimination of audit findings for public sector organisations and state-owned enterprises

M&E Capacity Building

At REMOEVA we also specialise in capacity building for monitoring and evaluation through;

Research and strategy development

Our Research Division caters to public sector and non-governmental organizations that need to supplement or outsource their social research and analysis needs. We specialise in:

Development of municipal business plans and Integrated Development Plans.

Development of Integrated Reports.

Policy Analysis

Legislative and parliamentary research

We assist government departments and agencies to base important decisions on research and believe that the ability of government agencies to use research findings to inform government policy will enable governments to respond adequately to the needs of citizens.
We partner public sector or non-governmental organisations interested in crafting their work based on comprehensive research. We believe in credible research work, built on solid research information, sound analysis all articulated in an effective manner. We consult extensively with clients on research designs and throughout any project to ensure the product is fully informed by organisational needs.

Other Services – Rapporteuring, Report Writing and Editorial Services

We provide editing services for organisational and academic publications. We also provide Rapporteuring and editorial services for conferences and research organisations.
At REMOEVA we have significant report writing competences and templates and produce excellent conference and workshop reports on time.